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The Sentinel icon art

It's about icons.

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In the ongoing effort to prove to the world at large that the fandom for "The Sentinel" is not a ghost town, but a wildly thriving metropolis of talented fen, I bring to you this little forum dedicated to TS icon/avatar art.

Now, before you get started showing off your 100x100 gems, a few things of note:

  • NO FLAMING! I maintain a no-tolerance policy on this. Do it once and you're gone faster'n a box of Cuban cigars in front of Simon.

  • This is a het- and slash-friendly community. (Yes, Virginia, there really are TS het fans.) No knocking a fellow member's preference.

  • Please, if you need help in making icons, try icon_tutorial or any other community geared specifically in that direction. As much as I'm sure we'd like to help and commiserate with you, we're here for the finished product.

  • Respect the artists and abide by the rules they set forth when sharing their icons, especially in matters of credit. If I discover a member hasn't complied with an artist's rules and isn't responding to requests to rectify that, I will boot.

  • Use the lj-cut feature, for those with slower connections.

  • Friends-Only banners and mood icon sets are welcome, too.

  • HAVE A GOOD TIME! Sometimes fandom can take itself too seriously, so loosen up! Be silly!

Other TS-related communities that may be of some interest:

sentinel_thurs -- a weekly flash-fiction challenge
ts_talk -- just what it sounds like; a discussion community
tsflashback -- daily fic recs

Brought to you by your friendly maintainer: mrs_puppethead

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